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NID Group activities cover many markets in Asia, America, Middle East, and Africa.


The wide range of activities in Oil Trading for NID Group includes:


* Marketing of crude oil;

* Refining, transportation, storage, and marketing of crude oil and oil products;

* Production and marketing of primary oil products such as High-Speed Diesel (HSD) and Marine Fuel Oil (MFO).

Delivering excellent service is of utmost importance for our operations. We endeavor to achieve lowest cost operations and manage the business to become sustainable.


NID Group and it’s founders have maintained a reliable and trusted reputation since the mid 90’s as a Petroleum Trading Company.


NID Group commits to become an energy company with strong competitiveness and remain a credible distributor of petroleum products.


We manage the Trading, Storage, Financing and Supply to different clients.

We have specialist staff with hands-on experience within the crude oil marketplace in which we maintain good relationships in key markets especially within the gulf region.

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